flashOS, console mode, back Keyboard, everything onboard

WiFi, GPS, 1500mA, microSD up to 32G, miniUSB, optical joyStick between answer and cancel call

OS ideea: flashOS
Developed by adobe (flash team) the hole interface to the SO should be an explorer with capabilities to run swf-s. The SO core would be some kind of APIs/miniServers that can be accesed from flash (FScommand/sockets) - API like sonyEricsson k850i acelerometer api that can be accessed by flash with some instruction like this loadVariables("accelerometer://data", _root);
The APIs will not be only for accelerometer ofcourse. Will be APIs for makeingCalls, takePhoto, setings, video, streaming, data, lowLevel (or not) for 3G/gsm/bluetooth/WiFi. The phone would have by default an interface swf which would integrate all the phone functions and settings like a normal interface. Somehow the SO would be to can change that default swf - the posibilities are infinite and complete opened and give a freedom to anything... U can make an Nokia, HTC,  Android, iPhone interface cloned perfectly; the power is not only the interfaceUI but the applications U can made... yeah I know now there are SDK's for that, but the programming is so muchTimeTaking (i like flash programming - most powerfull after my opinion when it comes to multimedia)

I just wanna write my code on my phone, to change the looks, the controls to the UI and whatever my imagination takes me...

type mode
when U have to write something, just turn your phone to the keyboard on the back, then turn back to the large screen...
keyboard activated when phone is unlocked and the keyboard is up (sense with the accelerometer)
2 row basic screen to see what are you typeing
cameralens not shown... should be under the Q key or something
above you see the miniUSB, microSD, SIM and batery slots...
phone mode
big touch screen
entertain mode
use to see movies, play games (PSP like - optical joyStick in right, fire buttons on left), take pictures/videos

and another ideea:
it's all about software... to make soft to view and interpret your finger/hand... touchless controll...  some front camera, a little bit angled to see better when someting is hovering in center of the screen...